What to Eat When Working Out


The Struggle is Real:

You probably have heard the saying you can’t out work a bad diet in the gym. Let me tell you that this statement is true. Nutrition is a science and it’s easy to get it wrong even when you think you are doing everything right. Furthermore there are misleading advertisements and information being spread around that are creating more confusion and actually doing more harm than good. Truth is not all meal plans work for every goal. They need to be specifically designed to meet the individual’s goal and  type of workouts they are doing.




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The fancy scientific word for “meal plan” is MACROS. This is a ratio of 3 nutrients that your body needs to function. Protein, Carbs, and Fats. Many folks focus on 1 and may avoid the other. The fact of the matter is you need all 3 to function properly and maximize your results.

What you eat directly affects your body. Your body takes it in, then breaks it down and reassembles it into your brain and other organs: your hormones, your bones, your muscles—every cell in your body. So proper nutrition has a huge influence on improving our health and vitality, preventing disease, achieving desired weight, and of course building muscle.

Your body uses protein to build and repair muscle. Carbs are your energy source. And then Fat is essential to stabilizing your sugar level and serves as a fuel source for energy and helps with recovery by fighting inflammation. Once you have bought into the idea that you need all 3 types of food the trick is to dial in the amount of each and make the portions work in your calorie budget. This is where many of us fall short. That’s why I look to a proven nutrition guide that is designed for a specific workout and specific fitness goal.

The Solution:

If you are anything like me rationmealexI don’t want to hear problems. I want to hear solutions. The Fit Soldier has partnered with Beachbody to offer just that. Nutrition guides that are scientifically proven to help you reach the goals that will get you the results you are looking for. To keep it simple I have selected a few that you can use to get you started on the right track. Most people in the military are either lifting weights or doing some form of functional fitness. Beachbody offers many nutrition guides but I’ve picked 2 of my favorite nutritional guides that I want to share with you all now.


Fill out 1 of the forms below that matches your fitness PT lifestyle and complete the form so we can get started working together on your calorie budget and eating the right foods now.




For those who are into weight training and looking to add muscle and maybe bulk up. It takes a lot more calories and maybe even more protein to fuel this fitness lifestyle.


Beast Up

Nutrition Guide for weight trainers. By doing the following tasks we can place you in a specific meal plan that matches your level of fitness and caloric needs to maximize your goals.
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For those of you who are into body weight training, light weights, jump training, and miscellaneous cardio then this meal plan is for you. I’ve taken this from one of my favorite workouts 22 Minute Hard Corp.



Rations For Results

For those who are looking for a meal plan that is designed to build lean muscle, increase strength, and lose body fat.
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