My Fitness Journey-Deployment 2010

“WHY” has to be GREATER than your “WHY NOT”

Everyone has their reasons why they want to exercise and eat healthy. It might be that you want to simply lose weight and feel better. Maybe you lack confidence and energy or just maybe you simply just want to look good in a new bathing suit for vacation or a high school reunion. Whatever the reason may be, they all can be simply lumped into 1 category. It’s called your “WHY”.


Everyone has a “Why”. It should be enough to allow us to achieve our personal fitness goals, right? Only problem is our “Why Nots” are greater than our “Whys”. What are our “Why Nots” you ask? It’s all the daily stuff that gets in the way that keeps us from doing the things necessary  to be successful. “Too busy”. “I can’t afford this that or the other.” “I will start after New Years.” You get the point. This trend will continue until something in your life changes that makes your”why” greater than your “why not“. It could be your doctor saying, “Enough is enough. You need to do something now or there are going to be some serious medical conditions you will have to deal with and it ain’t pretty.” Maybe it’s as simple as one day you look in the mirror, or while you are trying to squeeze into that pair of jeans, and you decide that you want to make a change. You don’t want to live like this anymore. You want to be a great example for your kids. You want to live long enough to to be able to play and spend a bunch of time with your grandkids. Suddenly these “whys” become way greater than your “why nots.” When this happens, there is no stopping you.

My Story

In 2010 my life changed for me and my family. My unit was activated to deploy to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as part of a Request for Forces (RFF) mission to support the Army. Historically our unit has had members deploy in the past to the AOR but mostly in a support role. This time it was different. We were going with the Army and could be traveling in convoys and going “outside the wire” doing our jobs. There were a lot of unknowns with this deployment among our leadership and everyone basically was instructed to train for the worst case scenario. I took that to heart. I wanted to be sure I was in the best shape I could be in to survive whatever I might be challenged with. I did not want to find myself struggling for strength and gasping for air if situations got ugly. So I trained. I worked out everyday. And I got myself in great shape for the tour.

While I was there I continued to workout pretty regularly. Most soldiers do when they are deployed. I promised myself that when I came home I would continue this habit of staying fit and eating healthy. I just had to much time invested that I did not want to go back to the old me, plus simply put, I felt great.

I have to say its not easy though. The “why nots” are a strong adversary. One of the ways I stay committed and motivated is by helping others. As a SNCO in the OhioAir National Guard I believe that I cannot ask anyone to do something that I am not personally willing to do myself. This is true for exercise and eating healthy. What kind of person would I be if I were telling folks to work out and eat this and not that if I were not doing this myself? Not a good one and certainly not a good leader.


Please watch this and ask yourself. “Is my WHY greater than my WHY NOT?” Either way, I would sure like to give you a hand.

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