I Can Lose Weight Eating Just Salads?


091210-N-6031Q-002 KABUL, Afghanistan – Maj. Gen. Michael Bednarek, commander First Army Division East, serves himself at the “GOAT” dining facility salad bar, at Camp Eggers, Afghanistan, prior to a strategy dinner on Dec. 10, 1009. The meeting was hosted by Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, IV, commander NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan, and included Lt. Gen. Thomas G. Miller, commanding general First Army, Brig. Gen. Gary S. Patton, assistant commanding general, programs, and Brig. Simon Levey, commander Combined Training Advisory Group. The generals discussed better utilization of reserve military forces in order to strengthen current forces and promote operational goals.  (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Quillen/RELEASED).

KABUL, Afghanistan – Maj. Gen. Michael Bednarek, commander First Army Division East, serves himself at the “GOAT” dining facility salad bar, at Camp Eggers, Afghanistan, prior to a strategy dinner on Dec. 10, 1009.

Yes, but…

It’s true increasing your veggie intake when trying to lose some poundage and taking some inches off the waistline is a great idea. This is considered a fail safe way to cut calories but at the same time getting more on your plate so you maybe don’t feel as hungry all the time. Most of us don’t get enough of the stuff in our daily diet anyway which is half the problem our society faces with the growing trend of obesity in the United States. Even though it sounds like a great idea you might be doing more harm than good.


Just like our up-armored vehicles and our high speed fighter jets need more than just fuel to run so do our bodies. You can’t just dump some diesel fuel in your humvee or JP4 in your KC-135 and expect it to last if you aren’t also putting in some oils and and coolants and other stuff without expecting it to eventually breakdown. It might be ok for a little while but eventually something is gonna break down and you are SOL, buddy. Basically what you are doing by only eating salads is you are depriving your body of necessary fats and proteins. These nutrients are key to your body functioning properly. Without these key nutrients you will develop a long list of symptoms I don’t want to be a part of: Thinning hair, dry skin, swelling, fatigue, trouble sleeping, impaired concentration, muscle and joint pain, depression, and slow recovery. Not typically a list of adjectives to describe a soldier wanting to be ‘Fit to Fight!” Well, the thinning hair might not be a big deal cause most of us have  our head practically shaved anyway, but the other stuff not so much.

The Science…

In short… yes, you do need to cut calories, but you also DO need to mix it up. You need all the food groups to lose weight effectively. Basically you need protein, carbs (yes carbs) and fats to lose weight in a healthy way. Most folks  including nutritionists say that a ratio of 40% carbs, 30% proteins, and 30% fats is the way to go. This ratio stuff is called macronutrients. Some how you have to figure this ratio into your daily diet with a calorie budget that is budgeted for you to lose weight. This is freakin’ hard to do. There are tools out there like MyFitnessPal to help you with this but there is a ton of planning that has to go into it and it can be very frustrating. If you are able to get it all figured out though the reward is freaking amazing results.

My advice is this…

People, this stuff isn’t easy. I read a lot about it but honestly there is a ton of info out there and all the info can basically put you in mental overload and frustrate the heck out of you, especially if you are just somebody looking for answers and are starting from ground zero and don’t have the time to figure all this stuff out. Do these 3 things and I promise you will see results. It’s that simple.

Number 1:

Find a nutrition guide that you like that maybe comes with a workout program and follow it to the “T”. Try and stay as close to the guide as possible and definitely don’t beat yourself up if you go off track a little here and there. Folks, this is a marathon not a sprint. To lose some weight and stay there you need to be thinking lifestyle change not quick fix fad diet of the week.

Number 2:

Exercise, exercise, exercise. And I don’t mean take cover or don your chem mask or go into MOPP4. I’m talking workout at least 3-5 times a week. This is also a HUGE struggle for most which I will talk more about in some other blogs at a later date.

Number 3:

Get some accountability. Someone you can buddy up with to help you when you are weak. Som
eone that isn’t going to be trying to talk you into eating hot wings and beer every night at BWs. A wingman that is willing to offer you support and provide a good example that is working towards a similar goal as you are OR has already arrived in the “everyday lifestyle approach” to being fit and eating healthy.


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