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WELCOME TO THE B HUT – Operation Enduring Fitness(OEF)





We Reservists and National Guardsman can get consumed in our everyday life and lose track of how important a regular fitness routine is to our military career as well as our overall health and well being. Active duty soldiers have a little bit of a built in advantage because they live in a culture where fitness is a priority. However when you retire or decide to move on in the regular civilian world you no longer have that atmosphere of “fitness first, everything else second” mentality. You start to losfit-for-duty-3de that drive to stay fit. And when it starts to go, it goes quick. To get back it can be an uphill battle. By either retiring or transitioning into a Reservist or National Guardsman (better known as the “weekend warrior”), you lose that necessary accountability amongst your peers on base. I see this a lot in my own Air National Guard unit. Members are finding it impossible to juggle there civilian work, their family activities, and their guard responsibilities and struggling to find time for regular exercise. The only accountability is the dreaded PT every 12 months that ultimately sneaks up on individuals making it very stressful for some. If you find yourself on a cycle of pass/fail you could ultimately end up being passed by for promotions and possibly not being retained by your commander. This could be huge for someone with several years in service expecting future retirement benefits. With THE FIT SOLDIER, no matter what your needs are (lose weight, increase push-ups/sit-ups, increase strength and stamina) the formula remains the same. FITNESS+NUTRITION+SUPPORT=SUCCESS


What is The Fit Soldier Formula?


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Why Join The B Hut?

Like I said before. Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success. As a member of this private FB group The B Hut you will get fitness tips, nutrition tips, wingman/battle buddy accountability, and support from me and others in the group to help you succeed.

This is a no-nonsense, boot camp style of accountability. WARNING! Don your IBA before entering because we don’t tread lightly. No worries. If you fall we pick you up BUT you will promptly be corrected AND you will get smoked!

If this sounds like something that will motivate you then click on the image below.