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The Fit Soldier

For the American Soldier looking for ways to stay “Fit to Fight” or who are struggling to meet the minimum fitness requirement of their Physical Fitness Assessment.

That are in need of a fitness and nutritional program with a wingman that can provide the necessary motivation, inspiration, and accountability to be successful and reach your goal.

The Fit Soldier promises to lead their customers back in control of their overall health and fitness by offering online accountability, a virtual wingman, armed with the knowledge and personal experience from years of training and getting in excellent shape using highly sought after home fitness and nutrition programs along with drinking the most nutritious shake around.

Backed by highest customer reviews and my own personal experiences of over 26 years serving in the Air National Guard and successfully achieving excellent ratings on my own PT year after year.

To address the needs to consistently stay “Fit to Fight” during your military career and no longer worry about getting yourself ready for your next PT.

Get yourself in even better shape if you are about to be deployed, or provide that culture that you lose when you are no longer in the military and you are transitioning  from a military lifestyle into the civilian world where fitness is not a priority.

Since we understand how difficult in can be for a traditional Guardsman juggling their family, civilian employment, and military career to find time for exercise which could ultimately effect your ability to survive combat and do your job in the military which will ultimately effect your military career.

OR the active serviceman who is retired and transitioning into a civilian role where fitness is no longer the priority and culture in the workplace and eventually loses the drive and motivation to stay “Fit to Fight”



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