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Through The Fit Soldier Mike is able to provide the virtual fitness and nutrition solutions that emphasize the fitness demands faced by all soldiers both Active duty or National Guard. If you are in need of some help or simply want to change up your routine then call on SMSgt Mike Zinsmeister, your Virtual Wingman.


Mike is a proud member of the Ohio Air National Guard and has served for the 220EIS Engineering Installation Squadron for 27 years. His is a cable/antenna installer (or what his fellow military peers like to call a “Cable Dawg”) who’s primary mission is to install network connectivity including fiber optic cable and telephone systems and antenna/radio systems world wide. Currently he is an E8 SMSgt at his unit and serves as the Wire Superintendent of his section.



ECP 1 – Bagram AF – 2010


Being in the military for so many years, Mike understands the important part that overall fitness plays on one’s military career. As a traditional Guardsman struggling to juggle not only the demands of his military responsibilities but also his civilian career and family, he knows how tough it can be to find time to fit it all in and have time for yourself to stay in shape. The military is cracking down and tightening the standards to make sure its soldiers are “FIT to Fight.” In today’s military a soldier can be released from duty if they don’t meet a passing score on their Physical Assessment. This can happen at any point in one’s career and that can be very scary situation especially as you get closer to retirement.

Prior to his deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, Mike made the commitment to himself and his family to get himself in the best shape of his life. He wanted to be sure that he could face any challenges head on and survive any situation he might face while deployed. Mike has continued that pursuit of maintaining peak physical condition following his return home and as a result has become a leader in his unit when it comes to all things health and fitness. He has helped several of his airman pass their annual PT by offering easy to follow nutrition and exercise programs that resulted in smaller waist measurements, increased push up and sit up counts, and ultimately lower run times.


Mike's Family

Mike’s Family

My goal is to stay in the best physical shape I possibly can so I can live a healthy, happy, active, and  fulfilling life long into my retirement and grandparent years. Along the way I hope to help others get and stay fit AND be an example to my beautiful daughters so that they might carry this lifestyle change on to their own families.- Mike Zinsmeister



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