8000 Pushups-30 Days

Challenge Time!

July 3:


One of my buddies from my church just challenged me and a few other guys to doing 8000 push-ups in 30 days in the month of July. That’s freaking crazy. Its roughly 260/day which if you break it out over the day (50 here, 50 there) it seems doable, but if you miss just 1 day you are in a world of hurt. I learned that real quick just on my 3rd day cause I got busy on Day 2 doing “life stuff” and skipped the push-ups and had to make up for it by doing over 500+ today. Just think  if you miss 2 days in row. That means you are cranking 780 push-ups in 1 day. I don’t think so!

WHY? My philosophy in life is always be on the lookout to accepting challenges. Anything that challenges you weather you succeed or fail makes you better. Granted doing that many pushups in a day everyday may not be the best fitness program cause you are not allowing your chest to have a rest day but it’s kind of cool to say you were able to accomplish something most people wouldn’t even give a try. Sort of like running a full marathon. You have do a ton of training and you log alot of miles on your legs, knees and feet to rack up those miles when in reality there is not much upside to it when it comes to total body fitness. Yes you build great cardio vascular endurance and strong legs but in some cases you do more harm than good. Doing pushups everyday most likely will do more harm than good in the long run as well, but still I get it. YOLO right? Few have ran a marathon and its a great feeling to cross that finish line 26 miles later. Likewise few can say they have done 8000 pushups in 1 month. (PS: I’ve never ran a full marathon. Most I’ve ran is a 10K and that was enough, lol) That being said I’m gonna give this a shot. I thought it would be cool if I actually gained any size in my chest while doing this challenge so I posted a pic shown here of me, just finishing Day 3 (780) of the 8000 push-ups in 30 Day Challenge. I will try to post another pic next week. Who knows maybe there will be a transformation and we can be onto something big. Guys who want to get a more defined chest workout with trainer Mike Z. I could be onto something here.

Stay tuned next week…


July 21:

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.29.00 PM

Wow! Just what I was most afraid of. Miss a few days here and there and next thing you know you are a few thousand pushups behind. Crappers! I plan on catching up quite a bit this week though. Currently TDY in Springfield Ohio ANG 178th installing fiber optic cable for a project that works UAVs. Pretty cool. I’m here for a week so I can double up in the hotel. No distractions like mowing grass, horse riding lessons for my girls, etc. I’m committed to complete this challenge. I knew it would be tuff but, man oh man I didn’t think I would get this far behind. Oh well. Buck up soldier.

I’m sitting on about 3000 right now. About 1000 behind. I do them in 50-60 push up count chunks. I must say its a heck of a lot easier to get to 50 than Day 1 for sure. I will not have any problem maxing out the pushup requirement for my next PT in August. I don’t see a ton of difference in chest development between the 2 pics. We will see how it goes a few weeks from now. I hope to get to 8000 by July 31. I will follow up and close this out beginning of August.




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